The Sound of Music (Stage Musical)

Stage Play

Release Date

March 11, 2005



In pre-war Salzburg Austria, energetic nun Maria is tasked with becoming the governess of Captain von Trappe's seven children. Maria is the latest in a long line of failed governesses, but armed with her love of music, she brings a joy to the household which has been absent since the death of the children's mother. With the Nazi Anschluss on the horizon, and the even more terrifying prospect of falling in love with Captain von Trappe, Maria must prayerfully seek to learn what her true calling is.


Andrew's Roles

Actor (Stage)

Admiral Von Schreiber

Start Date

January 11, 2005

End Date

March 11, 2005

  • Acted in various roles including Admeral Von Schreiber for the stage musical "The Sound of Music."